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Therapy in Colorectal Cancer with Liver Metastasis – A Multidisciplinary Management

Charlène Viana, Sandra Fátima Fernandes Martins

Colorectal Cancer (CRC) is the second cancer most commonly diagnosed in Europe and a leading cause of death both in Europe and worldwide [1]. At initial diagnosis, 25% of CRC patients have detectable Liver Metastasis (LM) and approximately 50% will develop LM during their disease course. In 20-30% of cases, metastases are confined to the liver [2,3,4].

The Era of Immunotherapy in Breast Cancer

Amany Samir ; Hend Mohamed El Tayebi*

The development of chronic infections and cancer is facilitated by a variety of immune subversion mechanisms, such as the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines, induction of regulatory T (Treg) cells and expression of immune checkpoint molecules, including CTLA-4 and PD-1, Lymphocyte-Activation gene-3 (LAG-3), and T-Cell Immunoglobulin-3 (TIM-3) [1,2]. These regulatory immune checkpoints are often enhanced during cancer therefore become a very important therapeutic target in the treatment of cancer and also, have potential to enhance the efficacy of cancer and infectious disease ...

Non-Coding RNAs as Future Cancer Biomarkers

Salama EA; Hend M El Tayebi*

It was reported in a study that microRNA-21, microRNA-122 and microRNA-223 were deregulated in primary HCC, showing a significant high expression level in serum of HCC patients compared with healthy individuals as well as in serum of patients with chronic hepatitis. Furthermore, they were able to reflect liver injury caused by inflammation as well as acting as potential markers for discriminating HCC patients from healthy controls [1]. ...

Microbiological approaches to Treating Cancer

Ender Volkan*; Ovgu Isbilen

For over a century, microbes have been utilized in cancer therapy, mainly by means of stimulating the immune system. In recent decades, by the advent of biotechnology and advanced recombinant DNA technology, genetically engineered bacteria and bacterial products have gained popularity as novel approaches for treatment of cancer. These modified microorganisms can directly deliver anti-cancer products or carry out direct homing to tumor sites damaging the cancerous cells...

Recent progress in bacterial-mediated cancer therapy

Subodh Kumar; Phulen Sarma; Ajay Prakash; Bikash Medhi*

Worldwide incidence rate of cancer is increasing day by day and there is an urgent need of development of novel treatment strategies. In this regard bacterial therapy to target cancer is intensively investigated nowadays and may represent an important salutary option. Bacterial cancer therapy is ancestral concept but recognized in 19th century. In the past few decades tremendous efforts has been made to design a better cancer targeting bacterial host who can produce...

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