Annals of Bariatrics & Metabolic Surgery

Obesity is one of the major health issues which has been prevailing across the globe in the recent years. The reason for this health issue is incorrect dietary habits and sedentary lifestyle. Researchers from all across the globe have found that the surgical procedure in Bariatrics and Metabolic Surgery very efficiently reduced the obesity and considerably improves the tolerance of glucose by increasing of the bile acids and by altering the gut microbes. This break-through finding very strongly hints that the non-surgical interventions can play a major role in treating obesity. The Annals of Bariatrics and Metabolic Surgery report such path-breaking inventions and findings and reach out to the target audience to share the same.

The Annals of Bariatrics and Metabolic Surgery also reports on the developments and new findings in the area of Bariatric surgeries. Bariatric surgeries are the operations which alter the intestines, stomach or both and have proved to be effective ways of treating severe obesity. These specialized surgeries are believed to lead to rapid weight loss and one can see visible improvements in the health conditions of the patient. These surgeries involve reducing the normal size of the stomach so that the patient can consume lesser food. The Annals of Bariatrics and Metabolic Surgery reveal that there are several kinds of bariatric operations which are effective in altering the way of digestion or methods in order to decrease the absorption of nutrients and calories.

Annals of Bariatrics and Metabolic Surgery is a peer-reviewed, open access journal which primarily aims at scientists, geriatricians, health professionals interested in the molecular, cellular, organismal aspects of Bariatrics research and in diagnosis, treatment, evaluation and the educational aspects of Bariatrics research. The journal also highlights the new discoveries, approaches as well as the technical developments in the basic, clinical and discovery driven translational research of the present times.


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