Annals of Breast Cancer

Oncology is a branch of science that literally deals with the cancers and tumors. Each of the cells in the human body do have a tightly regulated system that very well determines and controls the overall growth reproduction, maturity and eventual death of the cells. Cancer starts when certain cells in a part of the body starts growing out of control. There are several kinds of cancers that begin with the cells in a certain part of the body and then start to grow out of control. There are several kinds of cancers and all of them start when out-of-control growth begins which converts the cells into abnormal cells.

One such common types of cancer which usually occurs in women is breast cancer. The symptoms of breast cancer usually include a thickening or lump on the breast and there are some visible abnormal changes to the nipple and the skin. The risk factors of breast cancer can be genetic or due to lifestyle factors like excessive intake of alcohol which increases its causal chances. There are several ranges of treatments which are already available for breast cancer in the recent times which include the chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery. The purpose of the Annals of Breast Cancer is to report the latest researches and developments related to this disease and also to spread awareness.

The Annals of Breast Cancer is the Journal where different case studies and information from the medical experts are being published. The experts who work in the field of Oncology come through different common as well as rare cases of breast cancer in the patients. These rare cases are being studied by the experts and being shared with the entire community for their knowledge and information. The practicing physicians, research scholars and students immensely benefit from the Annals of Breast Cancer as they get to know several facts and case studies which their peers have come through in their career.


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