Annals of Cardiology and Vascular Medicine
(ISSN: 2639-4383)

Cardiology is a study of heart that involve evaluation and treating the peripheral vascular needs of the patients. An interdisciplinary approach is being taken by the podiatrists, radiologists and vascular surgeons in order to evaluate limb ischemia and claudication, vascular disease coupled with hypertension and non-healing ulcers. This field of medical science also involves the usage of the ultrasound and advanced medical techniques like computed tomography for assisting in the evaluation of the concerned patients' subclavian, renal, femoral and iliac arteries.

Annals of cardiology and vascular medicine is a highly informative open access, peer reviewed international journal. This majorly relates to the experimental, basic and clinical research in the field of cardiology and vascular research. This annals are focus target based on audience comprising of the cardiac surgeons, core practitioners, cardiologists, pharmacologists, internists and professionals engaged in high level research in the field of Cardiology and vascular medicine.

Our editors encourage the publishing of the several original research articles, case reports, review articles, case series, perspectives, editorials, letters and clinical images related to the field of Cardiology and vascular medicine. There are several topics included in this annals like the Angiogenesis, Bypass surgery, cardiac imaging, cardiac biomarkers, cardiovascular diseases, coronary heart diseases, heart attacks etc.


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