Journal of Community Medicine (ISSN: 2637-4900)

Community medicine is a discipline of medicine which deals with the health issues of a community as a whole. The doctors involved in community medicine initiate to measure the medical needs of the sick and the healthy individuals of a community. There are specialized scientific procedures being adopted to administer the services which meet the needs of the community. Community medicine broadly involves efforts to control infection, maintain proper sanitation, imparting health education and enhancing the provision of health care services to the communities.

Journal of Community Medicine includes information on a wide range of the fields related to Community Health and Medicine. It creates a great platform for the scientists and authors to contribute to the journal. There is an editorial team which keeps a control on the quality of the manuscripts and publish the best ones in this journal. There are also provisions of peer reviews in this journal which makes this platform of knowledge sharing even more effective.

There are various types of contents in the Journal of community medicine like original articles submitted by authors, review articles, short communications and extensive real life case studies. The doctors, researchers and students of Community Medicine are the major target audience of this journal and they immensely benefit out of this by having an opportunity to know and understand major new developments in the field of Community Medicine.


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