Journal of Nephrology and Hypertension (ISSN: 2637-9619)

Nephrology and hypertension involves the diagnosis and the treatment of all kinds of diseases that are related to the kidney. This field of medical science contains everything starting from the outpatient care to the kidney transplantation and at the same time management of hypertension or high blood pressure. There are several patients across the globe who suffer from kidney diseases and infection of the urinary tract that is caused due to hypertension, diabetes, drugs and cancer etc. Several of these patients have chances of kidney failure and requires kidney transplantation or dialysis. All these treatments are covered under the scope of nephrology.

The Journal of nephrology and hypertension is a peer reviewed international medical journal that talks about the various aspects related to kidney diseases that primarily includes tubular diseases, glomerulonephritis, hypertension and electrolyte disturbances. There are current researches on different therapeutic strategies like hemofiltration, dialysis, renal replacement, diabetic nephropathy which are being included in the Journal of nephrology and hypertension.

The editorial office is responsible for peer reviewing the submitted manuscripts and select the best ones in order to ensure that the most premium and informative pieces of contents are being published in this international journal.


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