Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
(ISSN: 2637-8027)

The Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences is being published with the aim of reaching out to the medical fraternity and the researchers with the latest innovations and developments in the field of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. This field of medical science deals with the psychological dimensions of the human cycle, the psychological determinants of the patient-doctor relationship and the various basic aspects of the right diagnosis and the effective treatment of the various mental disorders. The subject also includes the detailed study of the several mental disorders and the clinical skills required to treat them.

The Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences is a complete open access and peer reviewed journal which has a lot of scholarly significance. This journal is dedicated to publish several original articles which is dedicated to the latest research and development in the field of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. This journal very strongly promote the research communications and also very mightily provide a strong forum for the psychiatrists, researchers, neurologists and the medical students from all across the globe. This journal is being published under the strict supervision of the expert editors and after peer reviewing. This ensures that the quality of the publication is top class. There are several research articles based on the researches done in the recent times, review articles, case reports and also several rapid communications on various aspects of the study as well as the treatment of different kinds of psychiatric and behavioral disorders.


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