Journal of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis still remains a major public health concern especially in several resource poor countries even in the twenty first century. Thus, scientific knowledge among the masses is very crucial to guide people and spread awareness. Journal of Tuberculosis emphasizes on the importance of a patient-centered approach in order to foster the right adherence among the Tuberculosis patients. Journal of Tuberculosis is also a must read for all medical professionals who are engaged in Tuberculosis research.

Journal of Tuberculosis is aimed at publishing original research articles, reviews on the articles, case reports, case series, presentations and various studies that are related to tuberculosis.

The aim of the Tuberculosis Journal is to share the recent developments in the research on Tuberculosis with the peers and also the masses as well to spread awareness. The editors and reviewers of the journal helps in evaluating the quality of the manuscript. Assigned editor acceptance is required before final publication. All the published manuscripts follows the principles of Open Access and thus, readers can access the content without subscription.

The major target audience of the journal are the physicians, scientists, research professors, scholars, students and several decision makers in public health centers & hospitals.


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