Annals of Clinical Nutrition (ISSN: 2638-1370)

Clinical nutrition simply aims to maintain healthy energy balance in the patients and provide the required amount of many other nutrients like vitamins, protein and minerals. It focuses the management of in and out patients of the hospital.

Annals of Clinical Nutrition journal provides the essential scientific information related to the nutrition and the relationship between nutrition and disease. This journal includes original articles as well as review articles that are really helpful for the specialist of this field.

The increasing chronic or acute diseases stimulate the rapid development in the nutrition field. This journal helps to get the extensive knowledge of clinical nutrition and its application. Annals of Clinical Nutrition publishes short communications, guidelines, consensus statements, review papers, letters of editors and many more related to the nutritional implications. In addition to these, it also covers the scientific works that are related to the development of various new technologies and their applications in the field of clinical nutrition.

Annals of clinical Nutrition journal is an invaluable reference for the clinical nutritionists. These specialists will get all the details and new updates in this field with the help of this journal.


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