Annals of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Ophthalmology and visual sciences is a discipline which deals with the research and the treatment of various eye disorders. The doctors who are specialized in ophthalmology and visual sciences use the most advanced diagnostic procedures and treat the disorders in a specialized and effective manner. The researchers and scientists in this particular field are also involved in the discovery of several innovative approaches that has the capability of treating various eye-related diseases and conditions.

The Annals of ophthalmology & visual sciences is a scholarly journal which is completely dedicated to publishing of the various articles covering the areas of Visual Science and ophthalmology. This is meant to promote the various recent research developments in the field of visual cciences and ophthalmology. This journal accepts various contents like reviews, mini reviews, case reports and original research articles related to ophthalmology and visual sciences.

Another major aim of this journal "Annals of ophthalmology & visual sciences" is to strongly support the various scientific advances and up gradation by facilitating the access to the literary works which are also peer reviewed. This facilitates the promotion of knowledge sharing and mutual promotion of the various new research developments and findings in the field of ophthalmology & visual sciences.


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