Journal of Nanomedicine (ISSN: 2578-8760)

Nanomedicine is the field of medical science which involves the application of nanotechnology in increasing the possibilities in the field of medicine. Nanomedicine is aimed towards delivering the effective research tools and employing the clinically reformative devices in the near future to treat dreadful diseases.

Journal of Nanomedicine is aimed in publishing the wide variety of topics that are related to molecular nanotechnology, nanoparticles, nanosensors, nanodrugs, nanopharmaceuticals, nanobiotics etc. This journal also includes a wide range of fields in its discipline that creates a perfect platform for the scientists, physicians and medical authors to contribute their writings based on their research and learnings. Our editorial office ensures a fair peer review of all the submitted manuscripts to maintain the quality of the publishing in this journal.

The review process of all the submitted manuscripts is very rigorous and is conducted by the highly learned editorial board members in our panel. There are at least 2 independent reviewers apart from the internal editor who approve the manuscripts before publishing. So, one can determine the quality control process involved in publishing the Journal of Nanomedicine.


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