Neurology and Neurological Sciences: Open Access

Neurology is a medical discipline which teaches about the investigations and experimental work of nervous system. As a physician, a neurologist is responsible for diagnosing and treating the diseases that pertains to the nervous system. As the spine, brain and the eyes are the major parts of the nervous system, the particular domain of neurology obviously overlaps the medical disciplines of orthopedics, psychiatry and ophthalmology. There are several researches which are being perpetually conducted towards the prevention of various diseases like brain tumors, spinal cord injuries and treatment of various neurological conditions.

Neurology and Neurological Sciences: Open Access is aimed towards presenting the original research works and contributions and is targeted to be read by the researchers, doctors, healthcare professionals across the globe in order to be updated with the latest developments in this field of medical science. The Neurology and Neurological Sciences: Open Access helps in promoting the various research communications among several forums of neurologists and the peers also can review the works. There are various novel findings in the field of neurology like regeneration, neural development, transplantation, plasticity etc. which are being reported in Neurology and Neurological Sciences: Open Access. Journal publishes research articles, reviews, case reports, clincial images, letters from editors, commentaries under open access policies.


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